America’s Cup – San Francisco

america's cup #1




Two versions

Upper photo jpg – no editing

Lower version Raw CR2 – edited in Lightroom  (Thank you for your suggestion, Dan)

Yesterday we walked up to the racecourse inside San Francisco Bay, sat down and watched the races. The starting line was right in front of us. so were the boats. A large screen on our right projected graphics of what was happening, explained the rules and presented closeups of the men sailing.

After a few years of putting to rest my Canon DSLR camera ( it was too heavy),  I brought it out –  couldn’t remember where the card slot was!

Out came my   telephoto lens. This lens went to South Africa with me. I call it my giraffe lens.

Oh my, I forgot what beautiful photographs these nice cameras make.

This is just straight out of the camera, jpg version not raw version. Changing the exposure just wasn’t right for me. This was the day, not digital, but soft. This was nature’s filter, the fog. Well, the whites could be a teenie bit whiter… never satisfied. Any suggestions?

Click on  image to see it more clearly.

12 thoughts on “America’s Cup – San Francisco

  1. What great pictures on your blog! I really enjoyed your write up too. I also love my Giraffe lens!

    Forgive me if this is remedial, judging by your photos you clearly have a good understanding of what you are doing. Here are a few tips that are often overlooked just in case.

    The trick to whiter whites in fog is to set your WB best you can, if doing it with a preset try “cloudy”, or better yet, shoot RAW and set it later, probably in the 8-9000K range. Fog acts like clouds and the color temp can be quite a bit warmer than clear daylight (5600K). You can easily play with it in your photo editing software. I often like to add a little blue to the fog to really give it that cool mystery. But thats purely stylistic.

    Polarizers are also hugely helpful when dealing with water, both the ocean itself and water in the air. You loose a little of the foggy softness but you gain definition and saturation of the subjects. You do loose a stop or two of light in the deal but thats often a desired trade off anyway.

    Thanks for the peak into the race and the great pictures!


    • Thanks for responding Dan. I put up the raw version edited in Lightroom. I know the basics of editing but it takes time. Which hat do I wear? I’m into painting right now,but the last time I went down to see the races I said to myself, oh I wish I had my camera! Sometimes my phone just doesn’t do it.


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