Rembrandt and Me – Amsterdam and San Francisco



Trees in Golden Gate Park   3″ x 5″ drawing

click on image to see detail

Catching the last day of  Girl with the Pearl Earring, Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis  museum hague the netherlands. I studied Rembrandt’s etchings. Many of the etchings were from the Achenbach Collection. Afterwards, I went to Golden Gate Park, sat on the grass and sketched trees.  The top one was done with an Artpen and a green leaf. 

22 thoughts on “Rembrandt and Me – Amsterdam and San Francisco

    • Hi there ! No traveling – This was all done in my city – San Francisco but I have been to Amsterdam quite awhile ago where I saw Vermeer’s painting. She is small and beautiful.I brought home a little reproduction that has been in my kitchen for years.The colors are all yellow and faded now. I have a new postcard of her but keep the old one up for memories.


    • The first one was the last drawing after I got warmed up with the others. Maybe that is the way with photography but sometimes when you quickly get that first shot so you don’t miss it. That one sometimes is the best shot.


  1. Rembrandt has always been one of my favourite painters in the more classical school. Must have been great to see some of his original work. And you sketches are great too. I really like the first one. Great work.


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