Pros and Cons of Online Collaboration Between Grandmother and Granddaughter

On the plane to New York-3855

This one is worth clicking on to see drawing detail

Pros and Cons of Online Collaboration Between Grandmother and Granddaughter

First of all there are demographic variables. The participants are from England and America. The 8-hour time difference causes havoc when it comes to connecting with each other. One is asleep while the other is awake.  Data collection is difficult to achieve. This depends on scheduling of family activities, school functions, business meetings and painting sessions in the studio. Unforeseeable circumstances such as email addresses not working or, well, life intervenes. The reliability of the posted message is important. The blogger needs to post with some sort of regularity otherwise followers will lose interest and move on. (There is a little tongue in cheek here.)

According to our outline Megan was going to begin this section of Carla and Megan’s Blog It’s Sunday night in America. Megan is asleep in England and about to wake up and go to school. It’s time for me to post a blog for Monday morning.

Collaboration between grandmother and granddaughter must be flexible so I’ll start. We are soul mates when it comes to drawing. It’s fun to be together because we are both used to sketching all the time, usually with someone patiently waiting for us to finish so everyone can move on. In New york we just followed our path to wherever it lead, with a little advanced planning. When I was back at home I found my first ‘official’ sketchbook started at the suggestion of an art teacher when I was almost 18. I wonder what she will be creating when she is 18?


Imprssionist fashion-3851

We went to an exhibit about the role of fashion in Impressionist art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Displayed next to some of the paintings were manikins in dresses of the period. Megan whipped this out in about 5 minutes. Here is another one worth clicking on to see the detail of line.

15 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Online Collaboration Between Grandmother and Granddaughter

    • Ahh my internet friend. Thank you for the note. It does take time as you know but is worth the effort. Look what you have produced with your friend. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to open your blog and see a street portrait of my red headed granddaughter decked out in earrings, rings,, converse shoes and short shorts.


  1. I love reading and looking at the beautiful illustrations, Carla. This is really quite something! Thank you for sharing!


  2. It’s interesting ti hear about your challenges. I agree with, Richard, it’s so worth it! I love that you are doing this project.
    Beautiful drawings, and the journey will be wonderful.


    • I’m glad to be able to share an interest with her right now – not sure how long it will last. But right now we are right on the same wave length. except for ear cuffs, skeleton scarves and a few accessories of the day 🙂


  3. It must be a very special experience to share art with your granddaughter. How lovely that she has some of your talent. I enjoyed the photos very much admire artistic talent and think it would be special to be able to keep a journal of what catches your eye. 🙂


    • I started a sketchbook for each grandchild when they were born. When we think of it we get them out and both do a sketch. We are a little behind right now. I have tried to stick in a photo or two of what we looked like at the time.


  4. What a delightful project, I am sure both grandmother and granddaughter will enjoy this collaboration. And then I have to say that it was fun to look at your first sketchbook, those drawings hold the time era beautifully.


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