Dazu – China

carved grotto rubbing-02271-2


Carved grotto rubbing on mulberry paper over pen and ink drawing 8″ x 6″

click on image to enlarge


Alone on the bamboo bridge

hunched over from the weight of her pack,

an old woman layered in rags

wails her story to the trees.

Behind the dense green curtain of bamboo

her audience listens:

fifty thousand stone Buddhas,

donors, and Bodhisattvas,

carved one thousand years ago.

For a moment I leave Dazu thinking

of the opera house back home.

13 thoughts on “Dazu – China

  1. I love the combination of the rubbing and the ink drawing. It’s beautiful and the two parts play so intricate with each other. The little poem is lovely, too. Simply fantastic.


    • Hi Otto Your comments are much appreciated. I’m always pleased and honored that you have taken the time to say something or tap the ‘like’ button. You have a big following. I Ike your thought process in your blog and your comments to me. My curiosity is getting me. Have you taught photography or visual arts? I don’t remember seeing that information in your blog.You are such a good teacher. Carla Sent from my iPad


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