Climate Change Rally – San Francisco




clean -air-act-3284

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Yesterday was the biggest climate change rally in US history. 50,000 people gathered by the Washington Monument and then marched past the White House, demanding that President Obama block the Keystone XL pipeline and move forward toward climate action. I joined in on the march in San Francisco. Thinking I’d draw as I walked, I tried it, but I captured more interesting images with my cell phone. I liked how the bear and the baby were checking out each other.

8 thoughts on “Climate Change Rally – San Francisco

  1. Fantastic photos, Carla. Such brilliant colour. Wish I was there! The Keystone XL Pipeline is on front page of our Canadian National newspaper also! May the Force be with us! Go Obama…do the right thing!


  2. I’m so impressed that you went, Carla. I think about things like this, but am slow to demonstrate. Personal action, a little bit better, but learning all the time. I am very concerned about our environment and the effects we see in climate change. I love the photos. You have an artist’s eye whether painting or photographing! What a great rally!


  3. Show me one – just ‘one’ – indivual, politician, organization, head of state, government, religion (whatever) in a historic perspective that has successfully overridden the laws of nature? Just one? No?

    Would it be a fair assumption to conclude that it can’t be done?
    No matter how much money invested? So where does all the money go? Billions has disapperaed over the years (and some has become filthy rich by scaring the wits out of their fellow men!)

    I think perhaps the money could be far better spent by trying to abolish powerty? To do something constructive in sanitizing living quarters outside large cities like Rio de Janeiro, Peking, Jakarta or perhaps in the Amazonas?


    • The Gates Foundation is a good example of trying to eradicate certain diseases in the world. I agree we are not doing very well in trying to protect our natural environment.And yes, nature is very powerful. I used to ocean swim. I have a great appreciation for the power and beauty of nature. Your photos of Norway are interesting as well as showing a very beautiful country.


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