The Encyclopedia of…The First Online Visual Encyclopedia


I joined The Sketchbook Project  Encyclopedia of /

This week the theme is workspaces. Members submit an image of their work space. It will be the first online visual encyclopedia.  The  worldwide collection of images of work spaces will be like a visual wikipedia. I submitted a photograph of my studio.

This is certainly following a tradition in my family. When My Grandmother met my Grandfather, he was a traveling salesman for Encyclopedia Britannica. He drove up and down the California coast  going from door to door selling his books. Growing up in a household with this collection of dark leather bound books, had a large influence on my life. Whenever I had a question my mother would say, ‘go look it up in the encyclopedia.’  Taking out one of the big heavy books, I’d sit on the floor and thumb through it finding my answer. This answer, with it’s images and descriptions would lead me on to a new question. Bringing down another heavy book, I’d wander through book B or book X-Y-Z. These books took me into another world. Now, I get caught up in the internet which takes me on wondrous journeys around the world. I can even ‘talk’ with people around the world.

The tradition hasn’t stopped there. Me,  joining this project is very small compared to my son’s accomplishments. My son, a Software Engineer,  co-founded,, an online encyclopedia devoted to anything you want to know about food. I highly recommend a visit to I wander through that website and learn a lot about food, recipes, health, just about anything related to food. Sometimes, when I have a question, I look it up in the Foodista encyclopedia.

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14 thoughts on “The Encyclopedia of…The First Online Visual Encyclopedia

    • I was once one of those innocent young ‘art chicks’ hanging out in studios like this. I once shared a meat packing (refrigerator? kind of place with huge steel thick sliding doors with the inside open to sunlight and the sky. My studio mate cleaned the toilets to pay his rent.


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