A Small Incident Between an American and a Russian


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Last night I couldn’t find my iphone. It must be in the other room. It’s in the car. Using my husband’s phone call it. Someone answered my phone, but I didn’t understand the voice. I apologized for calling the wrong number. I called my cell phone again. This time both of us had a hard time understanding the other one. ‘Come pick up the phone at 8:30 tonight.’ I’m not going to go out to meet some stranger at night. ‘No, I can’t come. I can come tomorrow.’ The person said 8:30 tomorrow morning and gave me a meeting place, a hotel in the city. I was to call my iphone when I got there. No name was given to me. Afterwards, I worried. There was no code lock on my cell. Anyone could read everything. What if they rack up a lot of calls?  What if they want a big reward for it’s return. What personal information was on my phone? I called my son and asked him what to do. He offered to call and see if it was all legit. He called the person who had my phone saying he was going to cut off the phone with my carrier. Calling back and he told me not to worry. ‘It’s a language difficulty. Your phone is with a visiting Russian family.’

This morning my husband drove me down to the hotel. (Thank goodness Manchester United wasn’t playing soccer on TV at that time.) He waited outside while I went in and called my cell phone. In a few minutes, a beautiful small woman came up to me smiling as she handed me my white iphone, the old model. Her eleven year old grandson had found it on the street. Very excited he hoped he could keep it. She said, ‘no, it didn’t belong to him. Someone needs it. All their information is on it. We will wait.’ My response to her was, ‘ I’ve learned a lesson. I’ll lock my phone with a code from now on. ‘Oh, no, don’t do that! Then you won’t get your phone back. I have found 5 phones in LA. If the owner doesn’t call, I call one of their contacts and ask them do you know this person? I have their cell phone.’

After big hugs and thank you’s, I left this lovely woman thinking, we read and hear about so many troubles in the world, but you know, basically people are good. A few hours later I received a text message from her grandson thanking me for my small reward.

Thank you, Daniel. You are the best!

What would you all do? Cancel your phone or leave it connected ? Do you keep your cell phone locked?

16 thoughts on “A Small Incident Between an American and a Russian

  1. That’s so nice, Carla! I hadn’t thought about what the woman said when canceling the phone… I never keep my cell locked, don’t have much info in it to hide anyway! However if it got stolen [not lost] I’d definitely cancel it.
    Stories like yours though make such a difference, don’t they!


  2. Beautiful story and resolution, Carla. Its so nice to hear stories like this. Personally, I don’t lock my phone and I’ve been fortunate not to have ever lost it (touch wood). I think I would try the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature to locate it first and depending on my luck there, decide whether to lock, send a message to it, or erase it remotely. Hopefully I won’t have to find out too soon ;-).


  3. How nice to hear such a good resolution to the story. I must admit that I wasn’t expecting a positive outcome. I’m not sure if that says more about circumstances or me! I don’t keep mine locked and don’t really know what I’d do. But I do have the app Find My iPhone and I recommend you do the same. 🙂


  4. You tend only to hear the bad stuff. So glad you got it back I had thought about it only cause I like to go swimming and never quite know where to leave it, I’m considering just having an old prepaid for those times. Cheers


  5. I am a naive individual who thinks that there is good in everyone. I would had gone to the hotel without question nor hesitation.
    Such a practical dilemma now, eh? If you locked your phone, then you wouldn’t had gotten it back.
    Great experience we all can ponder on. Excellent post, Carla!


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