Battle for Presidency Goes to Voters – America

Waking up early I thought of the Milky Way in the summer sky. The night before our family was identifying constellations on a warm night in Southern France. What could I draw on? I found some newspapers near the fireplace. Using a stick and some India Ink I sketched how I remembered the sky. This morning I was looking through some of my photographs and came across this one. Posting this image today seems apropos.

4 thoughts on “Battle for Presidency Goes to Voters – America

  1. Words and images – I see you are a graphic designer too ! Drawing from memory is always fun. I remember as a young art student we were told to memorise the pose of the life drawing model. They were then told to go out of the room and we had to draw the pose from memory. Fortunately for my students, I have not inflicted this upon them. . . . (yet) ! : ) }


    • I remember those assignments. I dreaded them. One assignment was look at a potted plant, draw a contour drawing of it.. then close your eyes and on another paper same size draw the same thing from memory. Cut out one of them – dont remember which one and glue it on top of the other one. I think after that we looked at the potted plant and made a new drawing. Ha ha you flatter me. I have not training in graphic design. I just make art because I just do that. I enjoy following your blog. I love drawing (and I started out as a sculptor.)


    • I’ve been going around breaking out in smiles many times a day because of you. Me? – a true talent makes great art. Now that is something to remember. especially on those days that “nothing good comes out.” Thank you Otto. I like that.


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