Drawing people like I draw animals – UN Plaza San Francisco

My new drawing project is to sketch people in the way I sketch animals. When I sketch people I get stuck on their faces. When I draw figures the faces come out weak and in another style of drawing from the rest of the sketch. Why is that I wonder? I guess it is because animals are just shapes to me. When I see a face I recognize it as a more familiar intimate object.

The cardboard shapes integrated with the moving figures added some abstraction to the drawings which created a more interesting drawing.

While I struggle in the studio combining figurative hands and feet with an abstract painting, I’ll blog about some of my drawings. As always, click on image to enlarge.

Any suggestions to help me get away from the face hang up I have?

6 thoughts on “Drawing people like I draw animals – UN Plaza San Francisco

  1. I think i know exactly what you mean! Maybe try doing the extreme opposite. Try to draw the “essence” of person in one single line and gradually start adding detail. Or “rough it up” a lot, as if you don’t care how it will come out… I’m sure you’ll find your way. From what I see though, I don’t feel there’s something lacking. I really like your human sketches!


  2. If you even want to get this detailed…look at the eye , the nose , brow, chin, cheek as just shapes, no detail, just shade and shape.
    Wish we could work on it together, side by side.


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