Build it bigger – Give Some – Take some – You are On Your Own – UN Plaza

Build it bigger

Give some

Take some

You are on your own

Those were the words being chanted as I watched a free public performance at United Nations Plaza on Market Street in San Francisco.

Sitting on the brick pattern ground I sketched the scene in front of me. People paraded by my feet. I listened to chants of words. Dancers with straight postures and some with very loose bodies wove in and out of my vision. The audience was invited to build  a cardboard honeycomb structure.

My new drawing project is to sketch people in the way I sketch animals. When I sketch people I get stuck on their faces. When I draw figures the faces come out weak and in another style of drawing from the rest of the sketch.

The cardboard shapes integrated with the moving figures add some abstraction to the drawings which create a more interesting drawing. While I struggle in the studio painting and drawing feet and hands, I’ll blog about some of my drawings. As always, click on image to enlarge.

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