Blue Angels and America’s Cup – San Francisco

What a weekend. It was clear and sunny  – no fog! You never know at this time of year if the fog will roll in softly and surround the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes the air show is canceled because of the weather. The weekend was packed with ballgames, Bluegrass music, Blessing of the Animals, Branford Marsalis and, well, just too much to do everything. We opted for the Blue Angels. It’s hard to ignore them. They are noisy and fast. They are not to be ignored. But the catamarans in the America’s Cup race are fast also. On Friday night we went to a Branford Marsalis concert at Grace Cathedral.  That will be another post with some drawings.  I could never draw the F/A-18 Hornets so I brought out my camera for the weekend.

This image shows the plane going over the bridge, but before this shot one went UNDER the bridge.

America’s Cup race was before the air show so we ran back and forth from the window to the TV to see closeups of the boats.

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6 thoughts on “Blue Angels and America’s Cup – San Francisco

    • There is not much room under the bridge! It is interesting – our lives – our posts, couldn’t be more opposite. I saw an installation representing the ocean life in a square foot of water under the bridge.


  1. Fabulous Carla, I love the roof-dwellers. It sounds like an ideal time to visit. That’s why I love Sydney-the harbour & the city make for some exciting action. Looking forward to your translation of that day in paint. Cheers Sue


    • ha ha ha My abstract paintings at the moment are just the opposite of these ‘lovely’ photos. Maybe i’ll make a post out of that – how are public selves can be opposite from what is going on in our head.


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