Painting in the Bathtub – Avignon

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Here we are back in Europe, at Hotel La Mirande in Avignon, France. I was standing in the bathtub when I painted this little guy.  Using a pen, a soft pencil and watercolor, I painted the sunrise in my moleskine sketchbook. With the point of an exacto knife I picked up the color  where I wanted some flecks of white to show. The painting needed the contrast of something brighter. It’s interesting to me that the grey wall outside the window looks like a watercolor.

9 thoughts on “Painting in the Bathtub – Avignon

  1. Dear Mme D’Avignon, a lot of watercolourists put their PAPER in the tub to stretch it, I like your idea better. I understand the obsession. I’ve taken my sketchbook into the tub as well as the wine. Only my view was a tap and a toe. What a beautiful view and I love the work. Cheers Sueq


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