Drawing Deer with a Stick – Shall I make a Book?

The deer were hungry after the fire. Their ribs were showing. A couple of deer, followed by their babies, cautiously walked up to me. The buck appeared. I sat right down under a tree where I was standing. Rummaging though charcoal where a campfire had warmed the family during a summer visit, I found a stick and started to draw. A dozen sketches were made in one sitting. I’m thinking of making a book to sell at a reasonable price or to give away as presents to my friends. I could use a professional printing service  or I could take the drawings to a copy  store and have some books spiral bound for me. The other idea would be to create a book online. Any ideas? What do you think? How could I sell the Artists Books? Making the art is my thing. Marketing my art should be left to the experts in their field. As always, click on one of the images to enlarge.

This post is for Brad and his loving family.

16 thoughts on “Drawing Deer with a Stick – Shall I make a Book?

  1. YES! you most deffinitely should make a book and there are plenty of ways to sell it: 1. print & bind yourself a limited quantity and sell here on your blog. 2. you can upload it on sites like cafe press and they will do the printing and shipping process [less profit for you]. 3 contact art publishers and see if they would be interested. [that’s the most common way]


    • I’m late responding because I’ve been thinking about what you said.You must use cafe press. I imagine you are very successful! I checked out cafe press and right now am just going to give myself some space. Thanks for helping me here. Carla


  2. Dear Carla ~

    I LOVE your deer! I have found it difficult to draw deer — so I will use yours as an example!

    Cheerio on this full Harvest Moon day!

    Love, Cousin Sarah


  3. Nice sketches and amazing ideas, Carla. If I’m right, Amazon has a programme of making books online. There’s something called booksmasters.com which you can make your books online.
    Once again, thanks for sharing a wonderful experience. 🙂


  4. Do it! Do it! Does cost figure in to this…i.e. professional printer vs. copy store/ spiral bound? Do you mean making a “photo book”, with cloth cover, layout by you and using one of the services that provide the program/template for same when you say professional printer? I think Sol would have some names if you need them. xo B

    On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 5:04 AM, Carla’s Blog


    • I have done a book of drawings with a printer. I chose wrong colors so I have a pile of books I haven’ t wanted to sell. No not a photo book. I have done that with Blurb. I’m getting ideas here. I want some one else to do the distributing. I would also have to make a book that was interesting to the public. I’m thinking about it 🙂 Thanks for your questions for me. C


    • I have done artists books before. That’s a way to go but I don’t want to do the distribution. Maybe something easy . I have used Blub.com to make up a photo album for my family. The photographs – the quality was very good.


  5. would you buy such a book? where would you be when you were tempted? perhaps a state park? what about postcards–less of a cost for you and customer


  6. Ahh You stopped me with your questions, Thanks. I am thinking. I have three books in mind – the book of cow – the book of deer and the book of goats. Lots of drawings ready to go. Each book tells a visual story. But who would be my audience? How would they be distributed? Maybe ebooks? I could do postcards but I don’t want to distribute them and the images may be too abstract for the public.


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