Painting a Horse and Riding it the Next Day – Megan and Carla’s Blog – France


20120816-163742.jpgToday me and G woke up and drove down the driveway until we got a beautiful landscape in front of us. Gammie talked to me about creating shapes and to look at the shapes the colors made. She told me to squint and I immediately realized what she meant. I could see the landscape in color! When we were drawing we drew the very basic different color shapes. Before we even started doing small detail it looked very similar to the scene in front of us! We used lots of different colors even though some appeared more frequently than others. In the end got down the landscape into a very colorful picturecid:83F4A84D-AF66-4505-A575-6b





5 thoughts on “Painting a Horse and Riding it the Next Day – Megan and Carla’s Blog – France

  1. well, I am enjoying this tandem blog from Carla and Megan SO MUCH! And I’m learning things right along with Megan from Carla. I’m not a painter but I’m going to experiment with the color shapes and squinting. I think I’ll be lost when it comes to the details, though!

    I loved the photo of Carla and Megan (Art Chicks!) and the photo of Christopher alongside his portrait. What a treat this is for both of you and for us.

    I look forward to more.

    greetings from the slope of Mt. Tamalpais.



  2. I am just learning to draw, and I am hopeless. I had my first lesson yesterday, so I am envious of all the lovely drawings on your blog.
    Great blog I am a follower now. cheers Judy 🙂


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