International Orange – Golden Gate Bridge – 75th Anniversary

This video is mesmerizing! It’s situated in a freezing, windy fort at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Doug Hall has created a two-screen video installation that emphasizes the monumentality of the  Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve been on the bridge in cars or walking, under the bridge in boats and over the bridge in airplanes. This presentation captures the immense size of the structure and power of the sea below.

This video belongs at Fort Point. Sounds, weather, ships, people, sea life, birds – all pass over and under

this structure. The story of the bridge is here.

Double click on images to see detail

7 thoughts on “International Orange – Golden Gate Bridge – 75th Anniversary

  1. I loved walking across the Golden Gate and have a picture of an orange paint pot that was dangling. Amazing experience. I’m dragging out the photos for the anniversary! Thanks Carla. Cheers Sue


  2. The second picture is awesome! When I was young there was a song saying “if you go to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”. I never had the opportunity, maybe one day I’ll come there. But…no more hair 😦
    PS: again, great photos!


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