Painting About How I Felt on My Birthday

This is the beginning of a painting started yesterday celebrating  my new birthday, one year after cancer surgery. I am one happy camper. Now I have a few paintings I’ve started. That is the easy part. I have to go back in and adjust or take care of areas that don’t work. This gets tricky because each stroke I make changes the whole painting, so I have more problems to solve. As, Henry J. Kaiser used to say, “Problems are opportunities in work clothes.”

17 thoughts on “Painting About How I Felt on My Birthday

    • Thanks Terry. I’m feeling good and just hunting for any big piece of canvas I can find in the studio. Somehow I found this big gessoed stretched canvas – a little grubby around the edges but it was just a good way to clean it up with some paint!


    • Thank ypu Nichole . It really isn;t my birthday but I feel it is a new beginning after a hard year of recovering from cancer stuff. My work is all over the place. Now to find which way to go. Hummm challenging


    • Nichole congratulations on your solo show! I have a cousin in denver – never know I may make your opening! I just found you have me on a must read list. Thank you. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Lots look interesting there. I love Painters table and a few others I recognize. That rainy spot must be where my daughter lives.I really like the new small one – can’t figure out how to respond there. It ways I have the wrong ID. Anyway Congrats!Get to work. Carla


  1. Carla, I hope you will share some of the progression of this canvas, or your thoughts about it as it leads to the next one. Happy your new birthday and the GGB birthday. Good fireworks for both, yours in paint, the bridges with sulphur.


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