Art Helps Painter Through a Challenging Year

This is Not a Flower  Pencil and watercolor

Unfinished Blue Painting  acrylic on canvas 52″ x 36″

Try double clicking on image to see detail

One year ago today, I was operated on for cancer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. During my stay at the hospital, I made little paintings in a moleskine sketchbook. The whole time I was there, I was surrounded by an extensive collection of art. There was a volunteer who brought a cart full of paintings into my room each day. Patients could choose a painting to be hung in their room. Today, I’m going to work on a larger painting started yesterday. A lot can happen in a year. Art heals.

5 thoughts on “Art Helps Painter Through a Challenging Year

  1. Thank you for your post. It demonstrates a point I was attempting to make a few days ago, only you do a much better job of showing that art has the capacity to promote or aid the healing process. I love the idea at Rochester of patients choosing a painting to be hung in their room. I posted about an evaluation of an art in Derby (UK) hospitals programme. It sounds to me like Rochester are a bit further ahead.


    • Hey, Andy! well, to do a better job you sure as heck don’t want to do it the way I did! I had planned to turn my 80 Days 80 drawings during radiation into a book with some notes on the process and exhibit the work with the book in hospital galleries in order to help other patients but at this point I don’t want to go there. I’ve kept the paintings so it could happen. I’m feeling great and back to my old self without cancer. My hand is a bit tingly so I’m behind in things that include the computer like looking at your blog and some
      others. I’ll get there.


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