The Creative Juices are Flowing – San Francisco

There are phases in my life when, before I go to sleep, I think about my art. I wake up thinking about what I made the day before. As soon as possible, I go to that piece in order to find out what it has to say. The paintings, drawings and photographs are tumbling out of my body. Without judging, I keep going.

9 thoughts on “The Creative Juices are Flowing – San Francisco

  1. Dearest carla, Am headed to NY in a little over a week. your blog continues to spark my creative juices. I hope healing is with you and perhaps when I return we can paint together hope calistoga was wonderous

    with love, annie b


    • Oh Annie!! A year has passed! I really lost a year not only physically but socially, too. Can you come by the studio around three this week? Maybe Mary can come too. I can’t do it on Tuesday.


  2. dearest carla, I hope your healing creative juices keep flowing your blog inspires me to keep painting, sketching and more
    Heading back to the NY mountains in a week you are wonderful

    be well, annie b


  3. Carla – This image is dazzling. The color, the vibrancy, the movement that seems to be emanating from the center, it is all very alive, very sexual, very juicy on all levels. And your statement about waking up in the morning going to see what the work has to say is exactly my experience with writing. Sometimes I have to wait to see what I wrote, till the next day or the next week.
    You must have had a good week in Calistoga if this image came out of it.


    • Hi B
      Yes the week was really good for me. It freed me – gave me permission to just sing and dance or even cry – just let it out – record my true self.I had been wondering if I was creating images that I thought I SHOULD be creating or if I was creating images that were authentic to me.


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