Will I Find the Uniqueness of Me?

My strongest summer memory

A self portrait as I wish I was

A jungle at night

Two cats fighting

click on images to zoom in on them

For ten days I’ll be painting with a small group picked by Leigh Hyams. By working hard and trying the unfamiliar, like painting with dirt, flower petals, whatever, we will be working towards finding our individual uniqueness. Look inside Leigh’s Artist’s Books on her website.  http://www.artsreal.com/ You are in for a treat.

On our first day we are to bring in four drawings which I have labeled. How will I be drawing and painting in ten days? I’ve worked with her before so I know there will be a jump in my ability to create work that is authentic to me. I’ll let you know how it turns out when I get back. For now, I’m about to plunge in to some heavy duty soul searching. I have ten whole days just to think about and make art. Until then, check in on my blog. I’ll be showing my paintings, artist’s books and drawings created in Morocco.

12 thoughts on “Will I Find the Uniqueness of Me?

  1. Every one of the above paintings is beautiful and very interesting in it’s own unique WAY! I love your self portrait and your strongest summer memory [would that be you swimming by any chance, or am I very very wrong?!]. Your jungle night is very powerful, and so is the 2 cats fighting. I really like them too! My compliments, Carla!


    • Thank you for looking so closely.The best memory is on a sail boat in the Grenadine Islands sleeping, waking up rolling into the sea for a swim then getting up on deck and having breakfast in the sun! It will be interesting if she gives the same assignment in ten days. How will I draw them then?


  2. So nice the first one! First I thought it was just abstract – but noticed how the mix of light colors in lots of yr work just cheers me up 🙂
    Then came the swimmer!


  3. Sounds like it’s gonna be a great experience. And I would say, yes, you will find the uniqueness in you, because it’s already there. All four pictures are beautiful, but my two favourites are the swimmer and the jungle at night.


    • It was a changing experience for my art. I plan to do a “late” blog on each day to show how I got there. I have a tingly hand so I have to lay low on the computer for awhile. I do appreciate you following my progress. Carla


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