WordPress Blogger From England Influences California Blogger

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We are going backwards here. The top image is the last one painted. This is the first painting I’ve done in over a year. Here is your official notification Terry,  http://terrygreenepainting.wordpress.com/paintings-2011/  I’ve been following Terry’s just another painter blog. Gail, http://www.gailtrobertson.com/helped get me to this point, also. This little series of 6″ x 8″ images started out with me going to to a friend’s house and making collages. I didn’t know what I was doing – no inspiration. I came home with nothing. The next morning at 5 am I was tearing up magazines. Abstract eight – Shadow was born. That reminded me of a photograph I had taken showing the shadow of a sculpture in my apartment. Early morning sun hit the stone sculpture in a way that created a soft realistic shadow of a nude.

11 thoughts on “WordPress Blogger From England Influences California Blogger

    • Acrylic is new for me so the loose sort of transparent ribbons is good. I’m not painting in oils which is so familiar to me. And I’m finding out about this new painting scene through blogging. Abstract expressionism, Hans Hoffmann and Phillip Guston – thats what was going on when I started painting.


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