9 thoughts on “Abstract One – What do you Think?

  1. This one brings up questions, curiosity for me.
    For that reason, I think it is very good.

    Is it a heart glowing amidst the darkness of the world?
    Is it the center or origin of possibilities?

    Whatever it is, it is quite obvious, one can’t ignore it!
    Today is the New Moon…perhaps it is full of new beginnings and they start within your heart!


  2. Very intriguing. I feel, somewhat like Sarah, that there is something symbolic being presented within the drawing – something curious, something forming. I look forward to seeing lots more.


  3. Wildness is within and without. Hot and cold, empty and full, rising or falling,novel and familar, close and far.

    All said with your abstraction.


  4. I’m so enjoying the responses to this painting. Sarah’s and Alex’s comments are beautiful which suggests something just as wonderful about them.


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