Artist’s Book About Wine – California

An “artist’s book” is a work of art, not just a vehicle to contain a story and communicate non-visual ideas. Different media are used in a unique way to create a book-like object. These books are puzzles. They are undefined. The viewer and the artist make up their own story using clues from the book-like structure. Image, text and structure are equally important. It’s a book!

This book is titled ‘Library Selection’

I took apart a case of wine and assembled the pieces in a new way. The wood dividers became the pages holding words pertaining to wine, A to Z.  The definitions of the words are on the back each page. By reassembling the original cutout wood that cradled  the bottle, I created a round hole for the bottle of wine.

Library Selection  1998

Stamped wood wine shipping container

1987 Trefethen Chardonnay

12 x 13 x 12 inches size

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