Buying New Toys for the Studio

It was like Christmas; opening boxes  –  two Quattro Flourescent light sets, daylight balance light bulbs (35 watts each), reflector diffuser,  and a portable translucent shooting  table. After taking a class at Calumet how to photograph small things, I bought some equipment for my studio.  I needed some lighting anyway. When my studio ceiling began to fall down (the chunks were an inch thick)  I tore out the light fixtures.  I have no lights in there – only a wall of windows – great natural light. So I needed the lights anyway . The table top desk is good because I can put it on the floor and shoot looking down at the object. Now I will have no excuse – better photographs of my Artists Books.  I’m not counting these images though. I took these with my iphone, I couldn’t wait. I just wanted to set uo everything right away and try it out. The “book” is a collaborative book I  made with my grand daughter. You can see I  borrowed her swan which has become a permanent part of my Artist Book, ‘ The Queen’s Swans.’

‘The Queen’s Swans’  is made up of 20 accordian books containing original watercolor and graphite drawings of the swans on the river Thames near Windsor Castle and a plastic swan. The pieces are housed in a  box with a bamboo cover.

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