The Bay Bridge – Artists’ Book

This is an Artists’ Book

An Artists’ Book is a work of art. It is not just a vehicle to contain a story and communicate non-visual ideas.

Different media are used in a unique way to create a book-like object.

These books are puzzles.

They are undefined.

The viewer and the artist make up their own story using clues from the book-like structure.

Text, image and structure are equally important in an Artists’ Book.

In The Bay Bridge my cover and spine is the steel box. The pages can be taken out of the box and looked at indvidually.

For a few years we lived in an apartment looking right out at the Oakland- San Francisco Bay Bridge. In a drawer near the window I kept a supply of the same  size  ‘pages’  for my Artists’ Book. I’d record what was going on outside my window. What happens is you have the same size  paper for each drawing and painting so you start to think of different ways to fill that piece of paper. The book is chuck full now. Included in the steel box are stories about connections I have had with the bridge.

19 thoughts on “The Bay Bridge – Artists’ Book

  1. Marina why don’t you add some text to your wax objects and you will have a unique Artist Book. By the way there seems to be different ways to spell it if you look it up artists’ book, artist’s book , artist book. Let me know when you have done one 🙂


    • The steel box has stories involving me and my family on the bridge but were personal. One story is when in graduate school my boyfriend and I were taking a huge canvas (I don’t remember if it was his painting or mine)tied to the top of his vw bug. The wind caught the canvas and slammed it against the side posts of the bridge.We stopped the traffic on that one 🙂


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    • yes I will add to my bridge book! wrong size paper and the book doesn’t have photos hummm maybe I’ll do a photo transfer for the box.Interesting – the guy I had make the box put on his own design! I had to have him re-do the top the way I wanted it . We are all artists at heart.


  3. I just love this Carla, I have a leather bound book that I fill in a similar way, of memories in general – I haven’t thought of filling them with a specific theme though, I love it.. an ongoing conversation on a subject that evolves..very interesting…actually I think I prefer the box to a book, I like that you can take out each piece individually, move them about, make stories..hmmm ideas…..!


    • I’m trying to figure out how to answer on an ipad. I keep erasing what I wrote.i have answered you but I don’t know where they went! The box turned out to be a good one. I started it in an order. People come along and move them around then, a couple of days ago an artist said I’m going to send you a couple of my bridge prints to add to your box! How interesting how a piece of art can continue to evolve


    • I’m not understanding how to reply to comments on my ipad so I don’t know if you got some of my responses. The box idea just took a new turn. I was talking to an artist about bridges and he said he was going to send me a couple of little bridge prints he did to put in my box. – more ideas …I started out with the drawings and paintings and words in order. People move them around – play with them.


  4. Hi Carla, I’m creating an artist book for my art class and we have to find examples and ideas to inspire us and I think you’re idea of just having beautiful paintings on simple pieces of paper simply collecting in a box is perfect. I was wondering if you could tell me what the materials you used and how you went about making this artist book. Thank you


    • Hi Sarah
      Outside my apartment window was a view of the bidge. For years I sketched what was going on around it. You would be surprised at all the drama that goes on around a staionary object. Once a swimmer swam by and once a helicopter made an emergency landing in a parking lot betrween me and the bridge. I kept a stack of precut good quality paper for mixed media next to the window. When I saw something to record I’d draw. Also, for my text, I interspersed notes about my personal expteriences relating to the bridge. All pieces are dated. Sometimes I put or others put all the sunsets together or put all cards in order they were made. or whatever. People like to do that. Also, I had someone weld together a steel box with a flat lid to hold my “pages” I have received sketches and photos from others to add to the box but decided to keep all pages unified using the same size and paper weight. You could get directions on the internet on how to make a box. Yes I like to make books where people can pick up the pieces and move them around and make up their own story. Have fun. Thanks for writing me. I would love to see your finished piece.


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