Intuitive Collisions, An Artists’ Book – California 1999

When I started making Artists’ Books I thought people have been making books for years and anyway, I’m a painter. What can I do that would be different? I decided to make a big book. Each page is made up of two oil paintings on canvas, stretcher bars included. Metal prongs hold them together. What is Intuitive Collisions about? My father was a financier, an industrialist and I was an artist. Our minds couldn’t have been farther apart. We ended up taking early morning walks together. He would talk to me about building a bridge or how the stock market was doing.  I would be looking at how the fog masked out the vineyard leaving only the trees to see. By the end of the walk, we’d be happy to have spent some time with each other. I think we understood each other a little bit better, too.

Intuitive Collisions  1999

Oil, transfers, acrylic on canvas, stretcher bars, wood joiners,

prong type glides, metal hinges

14″ x 29″ x 9″     58 inches open book

4 thoughts on “Intuitive Collisions, An Artists’ Book – California 1999

  1. I love seeing your artist books! How unique they are!

    I visited an artist last year who showed me an artist book in which he had created a series of paintings to go along with a long poem that had been written by a famous poet. It was done with special paper and binding. I think he made only 10-12 copies. He kept his own copy in a special container to preserve it, handling it with gloves.

    Thank you for sharing your morning walks with your father. Very nice to hear! Love, Sarah


  2. I love this idea! It’s hard to imagine the books in their “real” size – would love to see them in person….gorgeous!
    I remember Uncle Gene taking his walks after his heart scare – he loved them and I know he always told us he took them with you – loved that too.


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