Egypt, an Artists’ Book – 2001

Stacked up inside this pyramid are separate books.

Luxor, Egypt ,Karnak and The Nile

Each book is filled with poems, transfers, rubbings, collage,

drawings and paintings. All drawings were made on site.

Polaroid transfers  from slides are included  in the pyramid,

so is an accordion book made out of tickets to the various monuments.

The monument tickets have a photo of that particular monument which gets stamped when you go in.

Egypt   2001

9″ x  9″ x 8″  pyramid base, grid paper, polaroid prints, transfers, rubbings, collage,

drawings, paintings, tickets, poems, one polaroid transfer on papyrus.

6 thoughts on “Egypt, an Artists’ Book – 2001

      Actually if you looked closely it’s not totally finished. Before I went to egypt I cut lots of the paper so I had a bunch of folded pieces of paper. I’d take some of them with me every day and draw in them. Since they were all the same size when I got home I could move them around and made up a bunch of little books. I wrote poems in egypt then typed them when I got home but didn’t go the whole nine yards. They aren’t letterpress – Some are just printed on transparent paper , loose. But I did bring home the papyrus and somehow figured out how to make that shape and I am not an engineer:-) Thanks for your comment ! It’s great to get some feedback.’Carla


    • wow, thanks for that. I wondered if what I was doing was I don’t know, doing something . It’s a good exercise in writing. I wonder if I’ll keep it up or if I’ll really do it for a year. If I miss, get after me!


  1. it looks just grate and very original! i like it that you chose a box having the representative form of the great pyramid, which makes it scream Egypt! i wonder the box would look like if you’d go to some other country…


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