Knitted Sweaters on Trees Seattle 2011

On a wet grey day we drove by some trees wearing colorful knitted sweaters! How neat was that !

The little Winsor & Newton water color box I’ve had for years. It measures 2″ x 3″.  I buy half pan paints, cut them in half and replace used up paints. The box and waterbrush easily fit in my pocket or purse.

I looked up knitted sweaters on trees and found the following installation artist.

Suzanne Tidwell

11 thoughts on “Knitted Sweaters on Trees Seattle 2011

  1. I used to have that Windsor and Newton set as well – but amazingly lost it. I still think it’ll turn up somewhere. I am appreciating your blog very much , Carla. Chris Seeley (Esalen 2010 – remember the goats and the night time painting?)


    • Hi Chris! Great to hear from you.
      Yes, that was a great week. I’m showing some of the goats in a group show in Oakland right now at Oakopolis Gallery – part of Art Murmur. I don’t know if they make the watercolor box that small anymore.Thanks for looking at my blog.


  2. In my neighborhood, we see trees, sign posts, fences, and random vertical objects wearing sweaters. I always wonder who in the world did that– because of course the sweaters have to be knit in place, can not be done at cozy home and then dropped off– I’d like to thank that person because they made our neighborhood a nicer place!


  3. Mine is a niji water brush. They come in different sizes – great for traveling. You can find them at Blick or on the internet. My pencil is my all time favorite – Derwent sketching dark wash 8B. It’s soft and water soluble. You can really dig in with it, too. My other favorite traveling sketching tool is the ARTPEN with cartridges.


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