Drawing my MRI Experience

Last week’s drawings were the result of me taking a rest from radiation effects on my body. I stopped blogging about my bout with cancer because I was told my blog was too painful. I wanted to move on. But I kept thinking. This image of what I thought my MRI was like is interesting. So among the small travel drawings here is my interpretation of my MRI experience,

7 thoughts on “Drawing my MRI Experience

    • Hi Dick
      You are right.I did listen to someone. But also, for me, I needed to get onto something else. I seem to still need to tell my story and a few more posts will creep in. I ended up drawing about 450 sketches during the 80 days of radiation. Then, afterwards I had a very successful show in my studio – 50 drawings. People really liked experiencing the path I had taken. As, you know, health wise it just doesn’t stop one day. So I still have some loose ends to finish up on this thing. Then, what am I going to do with the set of drawings and writing? Maybe a book, maybe exhibits in hospital galleries – I don’t know.
      Anyway, Happy New Year Dick. Thanks for keeping in touch.


  1. Well, it’s painful, but frankly I don’t like to read blogs that skip over the bad things. I like honesty about our lived experiences, whatever they may be (though it’s true it’s often harder to comment about the upsetting stories!). Do what you need to do. That’s my first rule of blogging — it’s not everyone’s — and I find I’m so much happier and less frustrated when I follow it!


  2. yep I seem to have two stories going on at the same time. The cancer radiation story continues but at a slower pace ( i’m cancer free). and then I have my new drawing my travels. I’ll just, “do what I have to do” Thanks for saying this to me.


  3. Hi Kevin
    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to look. I’m enjoying reading your blogs – sounds like an interesting concept you have there at the library. And how you have all of us talking to each other!


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