Journey to Oz, a fourteenth century pub and a Lacrosse game in England

Enough of this cancer trip. Time to go down the yellow brick road and visit my daughter and her family. The youngest played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. How could I not go and miss that? On Saturday both girls played Lacrosse. Funny, I go to England to watch Lacrosse which is a team sport developed in America. The laws of “football” or soccer were codified in Britian. Last year I blogged World Cup Soccer while watching TV in America. It was a good way to learn the game. I gave myself a project, watch all the games and post a blog after each game. I took pictures of the plays on TV , then paired them with photos I took in  South Africa.

John Janca’s Photos of the installation of my show are beautiful, nice and sharp. I’ll post them soon. My son-in-law took these photos of the church. The afternoon light was just perfect.

Waltham St. Lawrence Paris Church

Dogs waiting for goodies

Fourteenth Century Free House

Both girls have sketchbooks that I started when they were born.

During our pub lunch we sketched. I’ll add to the books  photographs of the girls.

They will see what they looked like at different stages in their development.

2 thoughts on “Journey to Oz, a fourteenth century pub and a Lacrosse game in England

  1. Carla,
    The photos your son-in-law took makes me long for another trip to England.
    I love the idea of starting sketch books when the girls were born – what a brilliant idea! They will keep them forever and cherish them forever.


    • Yes, they look at them every time I bring the books out and love seeing the past drawings. Then they usually see a new one I sketched in their books. I print a photo of them or me every so often and add to it. The books are over flowing, Now they are in a box with extra’s that I “snitch” sometimes. I had visions of my drawings being super star ones but many times they are not so great. Anyway, it’s about them, not me. It is something I can share with them. The girls drawings, stories and poems are priceless.


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