PET/CT Scan Results – Drawings made during 24 Hour Period





NO evidence of residual or active cancer

Looking up at the curved tube structure above my body I asked the technician is the radiation coming from that ceiling device? His answer, “No radiation is coming from you. Are you seeing any babies in the next 6 hours? If so don’t hold them.”

Before the scan I was injected with a radiopharmaceutical, then told to rest in a chair in a little room for a half an hour while the material traveled through my body. I asked if I could draw or read and he said, no, we don’t want the material to travel to your active brain. The following is an interesting definition of a PET scan. I’ve heard cancer eats sugar. Here, the information is stated again.

PET is used in conjunction with compounds that closely resemble a natural substance used by the body, such as a simple sugar (e.g. glucose), labeled with a radioactive atom and injected into the patient. These compounds (radionuclides or radiopharmaceuticalsemit particles called positrons. As positrons emitted from the radionuclides encounter electrons in the body, they produce high-energy photons (gamma rays) that can be recorded as a signal by detectors surrounding the body. The radionuclides move through the body and accumulate in the organs targeted for examination. A computer collects the distribution of radioactivity and reassembles them into actual images.

By further defining a lesion seen on other imaging modalities, PET may enhance assessment of tumors exceedingly well. This is because of its operating principle. The radiolabeled sugars injected into the patient will be used by all body cells, but more sugar will be used by cells that have an increased metabolism. Cancer cells are highly metabolic, meaning that they use more sugar than healthy nearby cells, and they are easily seen on the PET scan. PET images thus show the chemical functioning of an organ or tissue, unlike xray, computed tomography, or magnetic resonance imaging, which show only body structure.

3 thoughts on “PET/CT Scan Results – Drawings made during 24 Hour Period

  1. So happy to hear about the good news and to visually see your experience of this PET scan. The colors in your drawing of the “Results” is brilliant! p.s. I am also learning so much! Love, Sarah


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