Preparing for an Art Exhibit

Today I’m moving the 80 drawings out of the kitchen into my studio.

It’s more like 500 drawings, when I draw I don’t  make one drawing.

The first one is usually a little stiff. As I warm up the drawings get better.

It will be interesting  to see  the drawings up on the walls, in the order

I sketched them. I want to see how the radiation treatment for throat and neck cancer influenced these drawings. I can see already I’m ready to get back in the studio and start to paint. I am an oil painter, but need to get away from the toxic elements of oil painting.  I hear there is a water mixable oil color manufactured out there. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Preparing for an Art Exhibit

  1. Hi Carla,
    I’m excited about your exhibit. If you want a hand with setting it up or helping on the day of, I love to. What’s the date again.
    xoxo Fran


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