History of my cancer – some numbers

In the year 2009 I started having sore throats that would come and then go away.

January 2010 I started taking Prilosec for Gerd after complaining about a sore throat.

January 2011 I started a journal of symptoms – tingly hands and feet, mouth numb, double vision, sore throat.

January 22 2011 Seattle Hospital found swollen lymph glands.

April 7 2011  I was diagnosed with tongue and neck cancer.

May 23 2011 I traveled to Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota .

May 24 2011 a cancer tumor under my tongue was removed.

70 lymph nodes were removed.

June 29 2011 seven weeks of radiation began.

Four months I ate no solid food.

I’ve lost 30 pounds. Clothes look great on me.

80 drawings in 80 days kept me on track with myself.

It’s the end of September and I have turned the corner.

Yesterday I went to a resturant and ate solid food.

I can eat, taste, talk and execute my Pilates routine.

Art heals.

7 thoughts on “History of my cancer – some numbers

    • Hey, Dick! Thanks for following the blog. Actually I got a photograph out of it too. and submitted it to BetterPhoto.com. I got some great shots of sun streaming in behind flowers for the exhibit – lots of clean white space around with shadows AND cool half painted windows behind. So I still use the camera 🙂 You are getting some nice shots of your grandchild.


      • Hi Dick
        What do you mean about worrying about BP website? Cutting costs I guess. Let me know what you hear and again, where is your website??
        I had your blog then lost it. so I’m writing here.Happy Halloween! take pictures.


  1. When my best friend was having radiation, she lost about 30 lbs, too, and she used to joke that all I had to do was get cancer and I could look “hot” like her SO good to hear about your news! Yay to solid food!


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