80 Drawings in 80 Days

 I did it!

Eighty drawings in eighty days. Day one was the day I started radiation for tongue and throat cancer. Day eighty was thirty seven days after my last radiation treatment. The effects of the treatment build up and continue after the treatments have stopped. Now, I’m up and at ’em with rests during the day. After 3:00 my voice and body give out – time for a good read and a rest in my bed of clouds. We bought a duxiana bed and a big, warm, soft, comforter before all this. I bunch up that light soft cloud and settle in for a read and a nap. Heaven!

This last week I have been drawing sunflowers a gift from my husband. It is absolutely startling when the sun hits those petals around eight in the morning.  I think of the effect of these flowers on Van Gogh and Joan Mitchell when they painted them. I’ll post some of the pastel drawings I did this last week.  Maybe I’ll post an early drawing and one of the last ones so you and I can see the difference – how the drawings have changed due to the influence of radiation and the practice of drawing everyday.

11 thoughts on “80 Drawings in 80 Days

    • I’m feeling better now and think it is a little old to keep posting the 80 drawings but some people are saying it is educational for others – to keep posting some of my older drawings with information about the time, effects of radiation etc.


  1. So glad your finished with this process. Been thinking of you and looking forward to the sunflower drawings pastels.

    will be in touch again soon.

    love, annie b


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    • I love her work too I was trained, in the 60’s so I was, am an abstract expressionist. Now I am ready to go back to the studio and back to abstract painting. I’m not sure what ping back is but thanks for putting me on your website. Mark Rothko is a favorite of mine also. Read Legacy of Mark Rothko, an interesting book written by his daughter about what happened to his paintings after he died and how she got them back from Marlborough Gallery.”Red” is a great play about Rothko.


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