Painting Cancer – Thinking About Chickens

So do I lay here in bed like a chicken or am I lying down like a person?  My mom always corrected my grammar. Does she know about my cancer? It’s 4 am. My throat is sore. If I get up I get nauseated.  Do I use the neti pot first to get rid of the mucus so I don’t vomit the hell out of me or do to I take oxycodone on an empty stomach or take it with that rice pudding that comes from Mexico. Probably will still get sick.  Next, diversion. Paint. I wet the paper, get out the pastels, india ink and  oil pastels and I paint – forget about my throat for awhile

10 thoughts on “Painting Cancer – Thinking About Chickens

  1. I’m just finished with 17 days of radiation – I do NOT know how you did 43 days. Your painting above is totally how I feel though. How’re you doing?


    • Hi Lisa
      Actually I did 6 weeks of radiation with weekends off. I counted the weekends. I’m still counting the days. No one told me the effects of radiation got worse after I finished the treatments! Yes, I decided to forget about privacy and tell it as it is. I’ve had three hard weeks AFTER treatments and today I’m feeling better.They say I’ll start feeling good in three more weeks. I salute you, Lisa. It’s hard work going through this stuff. How are you? My diversion was drawing and reading everyday. What was yours?


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