Painting the Cancer Out of Me

Thirty two days into radiation – I didn’t want my art to turn into cancer paintings. I wanted to focus on beauty, not cancer ; pair the bad with the good. It didn’t work out that way. In the middle of the night the cancer drawings appeared. The abstract side of my art came out.   This one is titled, “Out of Agony Comes Beauty.” I have a new post about once a week. Why don’t you follow my progress by subscribing to my blog? See if I can make it all the way through.

13 thoughts on “Painting the Cancer Out of Me

    • Hey Dick! Good to hear from you.. Yes I just went out on a limb and got personal here, I’ll see where it goes. My photography is now mostly recording my paintings, but I am learning how to do that better 🙂 Do you have a blog? How do I find you if it is public.


  1. I love this one. I’m an anthropomorphist and this one was very full for me. But I also love the movement in it, the outpouring of energy. Did those gestures feel as cathartic as they look? If thoughts and motions make a difference, I’m sending mine right at you. I look forward to seeing your process here.


    • That beauty , outpouring, energy, movement was a very big easy throw up! It was very cathartic. LOL My process is continuing – going more personal here. What the hell – this is life – my life right now.


    • I replied but Now I don’t see my message.strange Also how do i I get people to subscribe to my blog. If I put the widget on the sidelines I lose all my history outline. If I tell them to check the box when they make a comment like wordpress says they can’t find the box! I also want to keep my friends and family on facebook that information private not public blog
      If you have time I’m here to here from you Thaanks CArla


  2. “Out of Agony Comes Beauty,”
    I’m touched to read this title Carla. That is exactly what I am coming to grips with as my mother is going through her own cancer treatment. My father passed away last year with brain cancer and my mother’s cervical cancer has spread to her brain and she is now undergoing radiation therapy again. There is beauty in the agony, it’s quite astonishing when it comes around. I think it’s about appreciating the little things. Cold water, a comfortable stack of pillows in bed, a lovely bouquet brought from a friend and something hilarious to distract you from the present.
    Your son, my dear friend Colin has kept me updated and I hope nothing but the best for you,

    everything wonderful,

    Melissa Peterman


    • my dear Melissa, I am so sorry you have so much pain to deal with. It doesn’t seem fair. But, it is life. I decided to go public with this cancer of mine, not to be afraid for my privacy. Maybe I can help someone through my experiences. It also gives me a project. Colin gave me a pad of paper and some oil pastels for my birthday. I draw with them everyday. this morning I created my 39 th drawing. Thursday is day 43, the last day of radiation. Tell your mom I share with her the comfort of a stack of pillows for my bed, a bouquet of flowers from a friend – I hope she gets a puppy lick too sometimes 🙂
      Hugs Carla


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