Cancer Survivor Pairs Art with Radiation Treatments

Today is day 5 of radiation therapy. I’ve numbered 43  sheets of paper. My idea is to pair something nice, my art, with each day of radiation treatment. So, I’ve gone public with my commitment. I don’t know if I’ll be be able to it. We’ll see.  It is a good goal because each time I pick up an oil pastel, brush or a pencil;  each mark I make creates new questions. Every time I draw or paint I create new problems for myself. Discoveries are made. Art is a distraction from the many daily actions and reactions caused by radiation. I’m working with WordPress to get the colors right. Reds are coming up brown.

Little Blue Flower – Day One  –  9″x12″ Sennelier oil pastel, pencil ebony jet black smooth

9″x12″ Sennelier oil pastel, pencil graphite ebony jet black smooth

White Lily – Day Three – a little guy in a white suit emerges.

12 thoughts on “Cancer Survivor Pairs Art with Radiation Treatments

  1. Dearest Carla, I have been thinking of you and finally am getting in touch. I love and am inspired by your artistic self as you take this journey.

    I am in NY dealing with a bit too much and now my back has rebelled. am working on taking quiet days until this weekend when I go to Massachusetts for a Feldenkrais conference.

    I would love to stay in touch. am thinking of you

    with love, annie Borgenicht


      • Does it feel very integrated with your life at this point? I’ve been doing daily writing prompts for 23 days and I’ve been shocked how quickly they’ve become a part of my day. I feel like I’ve been doing them for ages.


        • Yes tomorrow is day 43 the last day of radiation treatment. I ended up doing more than one drawing a day of course .. I’ll continue. Art has saved me through this difficult time in my life. My art has changed. I want to go back and see where I came from.


          • I haven’t kept up so well with doing the prompts every day, but I’m still writing almost every day. The balance of writing and visual art always tips when I’m doing a lot of one — the other always falls off for a time. This week I’ll be getting back into some painting and I am looking forward to that!


            • I agree. I used to write – did some poetry but it’s hard to do both. Now I find I’m writing a bit on the back of the drawings. I get discouraged with the color from wordpress my white drawing paper comes out weird colors so my colors or drawings don’t make sense.


  2. Are you sure it’s WordPress, and not your camera? I always find white paper tricky to photograph — I’ve taken to manually setting the white balance each time, and even then sometimes the colors come out off.


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