Sketching the Golden Gate Bridge

I’m drawing everyday, now. Driving back from Napa I sketched the bridge. When I got home. using parts of a flower, I painted my recollection of the landscape. The landscape was flat so I added a scrap of paper to the sky. Instant clouds. I smooshed the petal over the bridge to give the pencil line drawing a little more shape. My new thing is to draw with whatever is around. It takes me out of the habit of drawing the same ol’ way.

4 thoughts on “Sketching the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Dear Carla – I have enjoyed your Blog! I would like to ask your advice re: how you go about drawing or painting every day! Is there a method you recommend? You must have supplies on hand, a studio, so you can quickly access your paper, pencil, paints.

    Any suggestions for me? I want to, but can’t seem to”get there”. It gives me such pleasure, but other events take over, and before I know it, I haven’t drawn or painted in 2 months! Makes me sad — because this is what I truly want to spend my time doing! Love, your cousin Sally-Sarah


  2. I’m pretty good at making a drawing a day. Start with a little watercolor moleskine book. I have a soft ebony pencil I keep with me and an Artpen that holds cartridges. These just stay in my purse or in the kitchen. This way it’s no big thing. It is amazing how your work improves if you just do one or two a day.Today I had some water soluble crayons and a little brush that held water, like a cartridge pen. I painted a little guy when I went to the farmers market. Good luck, Have fun.Just one or two drawings and you’ll be hooked again 🙂


  3. I’ve just taken some time to look at your blog this morning – it’s amazing. The diversity is wonderful. Your finalist photo is stunning (did you use a filter to get the star, in which case why isn’t everything else starred?), and I love the rain in Seattle shot.
    It’s mother’s day in England today, but I shall glory in my amazing Mother-in-law too xxx


    • Oh thank you for your comment. Yes, it did go through. I just need to see it and approve the message. Not many people comment so it’s exciting to get a response. Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing it. If it’s worth the effort. I guess it becomes sort of a visual diary. The star on the Transamerica building is there during the holiday season. I didn’t use a filter but did use a tripod.I think the image was taken right at dusk when there is still color in the sky, not too black. The rain shot is a good one for color, too – yellow. It was shot through the window, also at the magic hour for color in the sky. xxoo to you on Mothering Day 🙂


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