What I have Learned about Offside Soccer Rules

Before the World Cup started  I gave myself a project. I wanted to learn about my Canon G11 camera, learn about soccer and see what kind of numbers I could get on my stats from wordpress.com. The deal was I had to enter a blog every day during the World Cup. Using  pictures  taken on a Botswana safari, I created diptychs juxapositioning pictures of what was going on inside the stadium with what was going on outside of the stadium. I took pictures of the action on TV. It was weird because I’d get going on shooting then realized I had no control!  The camerman at the game was taking the picture!

My blog stats  averaged about 30 hits a day. The blog that got the most hits was Soccer Fans in California.  I had a great time watching soccer with my husband; we got the fix lunch routine down to within half time break. Now it’s all over. I’ll review the blogs. I’ll keep on blogging. Perhaps some of the images will lead to a series. Then , well, I don’t know what will happen. Anyway it has been a fun month.

I’m still having trouble with what is an offside foul….  If an offensive player is on the goal side of the defensive players BEFORE the ball is kicked, he is in an offside position. He is NOT offside unless he touches the ball. He is offside if he touches the ball. As a result of that, the defensive team takes possesion of the ball and gets a free kick. The trouble is, like the referee, I need an assistant to help me. I watch the ball and miss what the receiver is doing.  “So,” a dangerous foul can be a yellow card. A malicious foul can be a red card. Then there is misconduct… I stop here.  Sad, the games are over, but I have tickets to see the Sounders game in Seattle. That’s in a couple of weeks. No lions roaring outside the stadium, but they have good food up there. Check out Foodista.com. They have a cool blog which gets thousands of hits per day!

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