Alfred Molina plays Mark Rothko.  Eddie Redmayne plays his assistant. There is no intermission. The words are poetic, the acting  intense. If you were painting in the early 60’s  or interested in art around that time go see this play. It’s about Mark Rothko’s commission to paint murals for the Four Seasons Restaurant at the Seagrams building in New York. It certainly brought me back to that time. I was putting the records on while stretching and priming big canvases. The actors prime a huge canvas on stage. A good read is Lee Seldes’ book,  The Legacy of Mark Rothko. It’s the true story of his daughter and the  collectors of Rothko’s paintings, a greedy bunch they were those men from  Marlborough gallery.

7 thoughts on “RED

  1. Carla,

    I dig your blog – which I just discovered this morning before work. I can recommend Anna Chave’s book “Mark Rothko” Subjects in Abstraction” (Yale U. Press). Rothko always insisted, “Abstract art never really interested me; I always painted realistically.” Chave’s book traces the origins of the artist’s abstractions to his earlier, representational work and its focus on myth, religion, and landscape. I wonder if the play touches on this central puzzle of Rothko’s perspective on his painting? I remember reading that theater played a role in his approach to painting – that his works were dramas played out on canvas…


    • Hi Arjun
      I’ve been thinking about your question. I’d say the play was more about the clash between Rothko and his assistant who subscribed to the Andy Warhol school of Pop Art. The stage set reminded me of a studio I had in Berkeley when I was in my twenties. It was an old meat packing place with big thick metal sliding doors. I was painting huge abstract oil paintings influenced by Gorky and Guston. Thanks for the book tip. Check out Venetian Red Blog.You would find it interesting. Who knows -maybe you are one of the contributers.


  2. Hi Carla, You always have such interesting info on your blog. I couldn’t find an email link though so I am leaving you a comment here. I just wanted to let you know that I finally got my blogroll going on my blog and added you first! I got a neat widget that links to the latest post on your blog.

    Hope all is well with you.



    • Hi Anne
      Thank you!! I love your blog. It’s very interesting. I tried to subscribe to it but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Also I couldn’t figure out how to get to your blog where you sent me the comment but clicked on your name and voila! I was at your website.Cool. How did you get that widget?


  3. Hi Carla,

    On your wordpress admin page, on the left under plugins, select “add new”. That is where you can search for all sorts of plugins. This one is called “rss blogroll”. You have to download a file and put it in a specific folder. There are instructions to follow.

    To subscribe to my blog, you can go to my blog page and click the orange icon under “subscribe to my blog”. Then when the new page opens, you can select “subscribe in mail’ or “add bookmark” and a few other ways to subscribe on the right side.

    So much technology so little time!!!

    Thanks very much for your comments on my posts too!!



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