Oil Paint

So this is what I do. I paint. I just took two years off to make photographs. I went into the studio to give it a spring cleaning and part of the ceiling fell down. Cracks from years of water damage had loosened the plaster to the point that the one inch thick plaster ceiling had started to come down. With a little investigation we found  netting that held the original plaster had been cut – nothing to hold the old thick plaster. Now I have a dusty studio with a new sheetrock and paint job. It looks like I have no excuse now. Gotta get in the studio and do something.

9 thoughts on “Oil Paint

    • LOL That is a race car driver’s response to a painting I was doing in the studio! Well, I squirted paint out of paint tubes, then took my pallet knife and dragged it through the paint. After taking a photograph I did make a painting out of it.


  1. I really like that you said ‘this is what I do, I paint’ rather than I am a painter. I have stumbled on the question of ‘what do you do’ a number of times and have mistakingly said ‘I’m an artist’. Well, I don’t really know if I’m an artist, but I do creative things. I like to make things of other things, make a painting out of canvas and paint, make an essay out of words, make a mosaic out of broken pieces of pottery, and so on. So, we both paint, and it’s a wonderful thing to do!


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