Black Boots Ink Workshop in San Francisco

What did I learn?  There is a really nice group of photographers out there.  Don’t cut off body limbs.  Think –  what do I want to say?  I must make the images my own. Be authentic to yourself. Photograph the reaction not the action. Think in metaphors. If I see a place that says to me I need to make a picture. Stay there, sit and wait. And the computer – Copy all raw into DNG when exporting from my camera. It’s not going to rain today. We’ll be at the wall on Valencia and 23rd putting up our images of San Francisco. These images are for the People.

2 thoughts on “Black Boots Ink Workshop in San Francisco

  1. Hi Carla, wow it sounds like this was a great workshop. I met Ibarionex in Seattle once and he was a real inspiration especially with photographing people on the street. How did you find out about this workshop, through Ibarionex? I really like the big photo at the top of this post with the fellow holding his camera and the building in the background. You can just see him thinking “Where should I go?” Great blog, I will be coming back!


    • Great! You are an inspiration to me to keep blogging! I really don’t know who reads it. I get from about 0 to 60 visits every one or two weeks. I think Ibarionex sent me the invitation to join this workshop. I did it because I was interested in street photography and having my work on an online magazine. Sounded cool and it is. They are having a continuing workshop in three cities. Next one is Guadalajara. Check out this website.


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