Foodista Accepts Challenge

Last year Colin, along with Barnaby and Sheri, founded Colin is the technical wizard and idea man behind the scenes. Miles. his weimaraner, can usually be found nearby.Foodista Accepts a Challenge
the New York Times and TIME Magazine. I was quoted, and to provide a counterpoint, so was Christopher Kimball of Cook’s Illustrated. Between these two articles, Condé Nast announced that they were shutting down Gourmet, and in response Mr. Kimball wrote thisOp-Ed piece in the New York Times. Let me start by saying that I have deep respect for Mr. Kimball and what he has built, but I also disagree with his assessment of the Internet, Wikis, and how it all works. I was thinking about a writing a response to the Op-Ed, and then earlier today noticed that Mr. Kimball issued the following challenge on his blog:

The current rage is the WIKI recipe notion — a community of on-line foodies who can select and tweak recipes to come up with the best possible version. Then there is the opposite contention — I think that only a professional test kitchen with substantial resources, strict testing protocol, and lots of time can develop the very “best” recipes, all things being equal. So, I am willing to put my money, and my reputation, where my big mouth is. I offer a challenge to any supporter of the WIKI or similar concept to jump in and go head to head with our test kitchen. We will jointly agree on a recipe, on the rules, on a time frame, etc. At the end, we will ask a panel of impartial judges to make and test the recipes and declare a winner. Should be fun! Who is interested?

I posted a response comment on his blog accepting the challenge, it is awaiting moderation. This should be interesting! What do you think?

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