Trying out my new Canon EF 50mmf/1.8 lens


Possible fracture of the fibula. That’s my reward for trying to get to a seat where I could take a picture.. On the way up to Seattle somehow I injured my leg changing seats on the plane. It got worse. I ended up at the hospital getting an xray and coming out with crutches and a boot. “Keep off it  and go to your doctor when you go back home.”  Crutches are a pain. You start hurting all over from the damn crutches!  Thank heavens for curbside no curbs for people like me. Came back here to construction problems. My husband  worked on that  – I worked on a hospital visit. Went there today and the doc wanted me to put weight on leg – didn’t hurt  – walked out of there a little embarassed. Tomorrow I have to go rough plumbing  shopping without boot and crutches. Hopefully the pain won’t come back. Not sure how many days I need to stay ahead of the contractors. Excuse me for not getting back sooner.  It’s been busy around here.

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