Khnum potter of Ka


Here is one version of the inserted painting within the light box. The light boxes within the  painting held two layers of mulberry paper. Abstract transparent paintings veiled ink sketches of the animal gods of Egypt.

5 thoughts on “Khnum potter of Ka

  1. In Egypt I sketched the Egyptian gods which were carved into the enormous columns.. When I came back to the studio I did large pen and ink drawings of my sketches. Khnum was the Egyptian water god and the potter of creation. Horus the falcon was the Egyptian god of the sky. The transparent layer in front of the sketches is really an abstract painting. I used stains and melted beeswax on the mulberry paper.


  2. Hey Kelly, You made my day, my week, my month! Thanks for your enthusiastic response to my work. I have seen your photographs and am really very pleased that you see some good things in mine. Now I’ll go check out facebook


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