Seattle based launched while co-founder worked from New York hotel room, a reference website for food, tools, techniques and recipes has entered the world wide web. To me it was a stunning magical moment. All those letters and numbers – the codes, links, images, months of preparation – all of this was somehow transfered to the web. On the screen we watched the tremendous build up of viewers checking out the program. It all worked, No crash. Amazing. The reviews were good.
I like to use Foodista’s website to lookup questions I have about cooking and I plan to add some recipes when Foodista adds personal recipes which will not be changed by other readers. I get the Foodista blog everyday on my home page -great for new ideas of what to cook or even where to plan my next trip!
launchimg_03614Colin Saunders is the co-founder and CTO of

I looked up CTO in wikipedia. A chief technical officer or chief technology officer (abbreviated as CTO) is an executive position whose holder is focused on scientific and technical issues within an organization. Essentially, a CTO is responsible for the transformation of capital- be it monetary, intellectual, or political- into technology in furtherance of the company’s objectives.
The title is most typically found in organizations which significantly develop or exploit information technology.

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