Today is day 5 of radiation therapy. I’ve numbered 43  sheets of paper. My idea is to pair something nice, my art, with each day of radiation treatment. So, I’ve gone public with my commitment. I don’t know if I’ll be be able to it. We’ll see.  It is a good goal because each time I pick up an oil pastel, brush or a pencil;  each mark I make creates new questions. Every time I draw or paint I create new problems for myself. Discoveries are made. Art is a distraction from the many daily actions and reactions caused by radiation. I’m working with WordPress to get the colors right. Reds are coming up brown.

Little Blue Flower – Day One  -  9″x12″ Sennelier oil pastel, pencil ebony jet black smooth

9″x12″ Sennelier oil pastel, pencil graphite ebony jet black smooth

White Lily – Day Three – a little guy in a white suit emerges.