It’s All About Scary Skeletons on Halloween – Walt Disney



While looking at this drawing I sketched after one of my Pilates sessions, I thought of that song, Dem bones, dem bones, those dry bones. Hunting for the lyrics on the internet, I got sidetracked. Instead, I found this  super little movie Walt Disney produced in 1929. Skip the commercial and stay long enough to watch the skeletons dance :) They are just wonderful!

It’s A Bird. It’s A Plane. It’s Superbug! San Francisco Flyover

IMG_9913Front and Center, this guy had the best seat in the house. Roof top seating was awesome.

IMG_9927Fog crept in, very low to the ground, enough fog to keep the Angels from flying on Saturday

Blue AngelsI took a lot of shots to get this one. 1/1000 sec at f/5.6

They’re back!




Blue Angels Over Coit Tower  Maneuvers performed in tight formation at 400 mph.

I burned the onions!

First I heard the sound.  Then I heard a roar. The Blue Angels performed a flyover as they flew over San Francisco Bay.

I know, my feelings are contrary to a lot of other people’s feelings when it comes to the Blue Angels, but I just can’t help it.

I love the sound of a Ferrari engine revving up. I love the speed of a hydroplane.

I think the pilots are awesome when I see them flying in a Delta formation at 400 mph.

I’ll be watching the noisy jets this weekend, unless a blanket of  fog rolls in, covering up the Golden Gate Bridge.

When Birds Are Still – Drawing






I found this little woodpecker outside the bedroom window. He didn’t see the glass. Carefully picking him up I stroked  his tiny body, then lay him on a napkin. For a couple of days I’d come by, say hello and lovingly sketch him.  I gave him back to nature by placing him under one of the tall pine trees down by the the creek.